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Does anyone care when Germany is playing ?? 😂 never seen an empty pub in my life! But awesome food so all fine… @thehunters.n1 ...

@piersmorgan UPDATE: Just finished an astounding 90-minute interview with @kevinspacey .
His first in-studio interview for 7yrs.
It will premiere on our @piersmorganuncensored YouTube channel at 8pm UK time today

TONIGHT @piersmorgan UPDATE: just finished an extended world exclusive interview with Israel’s President, Isaac Herzog
It will premiere on our @piersmorganuncensored YouTube channel at 8pm. It’s explosive
Me in @piersmorganuncensored studios for Piers.

A very energetic day with these @babiesmusical on stage end of May! Thank you @aka_agency and @jpleggat - that was a lot of fun shared with @lydia_london_hair ! ...

Tomorrrow! Will we know the truth? @piersmorgan *WORLD EXCLUSIVE*
The real-life Martha from Baby Reindeer breaks cover and gives me her first TV interview about the smash hit Netflix show.
Fiona Harvey wants to have her say & ‘set the record straight.’

Go and see the mesmerising Sarah Snook in the play Dorian Gray till 11/05 - last chance! She’s incredible and no wonder she won best actress at the Olivier awards…not a surprise….i had the luck to meet her and do touch-ups on that video and see a part of the play- what a treat…#doriangrayplay thanks #aka ...

That’s a wrap on DECOY!! Exciting adventures over the weekend with director and starring the one and only #liawilliams

Prod @kaiwo_studio @juvenoiafilms
Producer @samantha.brainx
Exec Producer @niaxtwelve
Associate Producer @beattysmith
Assistant Director @irisbreward

Cinematographer @arushi.chugh
Focus Puller @charlotte.vrnt
Loader @caseygrosso
Grip @jensengrip
Gaffer @pai.mei
Spark @aa_ggie

Sound Recordist @chiara.meadows

Production Designer @lauradrakec
Costume Designer @magdaleneceleste
Hair & Makeup @celinenonon

BTS Photographer @simone_h

Opening night was yesterday ! Run to see @sisteractthemusical @sisteractsocial thank you @aka_agency for the lovely day with the one and only @lemar ...

I played a small part in this trailer but was happy to meet and ‘prep’ the hilarious @carlmullaney , the full of positive energy @officialalisonjiear and the one and only @lemar . Go and see them now! Thanks @aka_agency @sisteractsocial ...

« This is a matter of life and death. »

@olenazelenska_official gives her message to the US politicians making decisions on America’s support for Ukraine.

Today at 5pm on YouTube/ Piersmorganuncensored
💄for @piersmorgan
#olenazelenska #piersmorgan #ukraine #america #interview

Believe me or not, i did work on that one! Ha-ha! Out today With @emilia_stajuda our amazing model for @gdnsaturday, a special Therapy Issue. Looking into the state of therapy today, we bust myths about what good treatment entails and get an unusual insight into what a top therapist is really thinking (including on the day an A-Lister walked into his office). We ask whether AI-powered chatbots could change the game for mental healthcare, and speak to people who find them useful (until they turn on their clients). And one writer recalls the chilling moment her therapist of two years crossed a line...

Cover: Alice May/ The Guardian

Editors: Merope Mills, @ruthlewy
AD: @maggie_b_murphy
Picture editors: @lousiroy @kateedwa @huntforcaroline

This afternoon - FRIDAY- #wernerherzog speaks to @piersmorgan on YouTube @piersmorganuncensored
💄for PM.


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